11 Fun Facts About Me

September 20, 2019

1. My mother was a librarian. That makes me a library brat. Growing up I spent many hours in the libraries where she worked. I got a lot of reading done.

2. I was a sickly kid and missed a lot of school, which was another way to get reading done. I don’t recommend it, though. Now I have an asthma inhaler and I am much healthier.

3. My brother and I watched Star Trek every weekday afternoon. No adult in those days worried about how much TV their children watched—no adults we knew, anyway.

4. I didn’t want to learn to drive as a teenager. I did learn eventually, but only got my driver’s license in my 30s.

5. For a while in graduate school, I peacefully coexisted with a wasp nest in the overhead fixture of my rented room.

6. I rescue spiders for people. When my family and friends find a spider somewhere inconvenient (say, on their keyboard or in their knitting bag), they know I will relocate it for them. They also know that the first thing I will say is “Don’t kill it!”

7. If I don’t finish a book the day I start it, I have to read the last paragraph before going to bed. Otherwise, I can’t fall asleep.

8. I make quilts for fun. I do all the work by hand. They take ages to finish, but the process is satisfying.

9. I am always feeding people. Anyone who drops by my house knows they will be offered something to eat, and possibly also leftovers to take home.

10. I like prime numbers.

11. I live in one of the most crowded areas of the United States, where I constantly dream about travels to the emptiest places on the maps.


Cathy Carr