About Me

365 Days to Alaska is my first book, but my short fiction has appeared in many literary magazines. Like most writers, I could never make a living writing fiction, so over the years I’ve worked a variety of jobs. In fact, I tried pretty much anything someone would hire me to do. I’ve fried fast-food burgers, cleaned offices, put together nail files in a factory, planted morning glories for a biology-department experiment, worked in libraries, bookstores, academic departments, and offices, done computer technical support, and written software documentation. I was a great babysitter and a terrible, terrible waitress. Nowadays I am lucky enough to spend my days looking after my family and writing fiction. I live with my husband, my son, and our scrappy cat, Barnaby, in the New Jersey suburbs.

I like to read, cook, watch movies, do handicrafts, garden, and spend time outside. I get much enjoyment and entertainment from watching the surprising variety of wildlife that moves through our yard—everything from funnel-web spiders to turkey vultures and Eastern coyotes, all of it less than 20 miles from New York City. I am represented by the marvelous Rachel Orr at Prospect Agency.. The art on this website was done by talented artist and web designer Sam Kimball-Sperberg. You can find me online at the links below.

— Cathy Carr