365 Days to Alaska

A charming debut middle-grade novel about a girl from off-the-grid Alaska adjusting to suburban life

Eleven-year-old Rigel Harman loves her life in off-the-grid Alaska. She hunts rabbits, takes correspondence classes through the mail, and plays dominoes with her family in their two-room cabin. She doesn’t mind not having electricity or running water—instead, she’s got tall trees, fresh streams, and endless sky.

But then her parents divorce, and Rigel and her sisters have to move with their mom to the Connecticut suburbs to live with a grandmother they’ve never met. Rigel hates it in Connecticut. It’s noisy, and crowded, and there’s no real nature. Her only hope is a secret pact that she made with her father: If she can stick it out in Connecticut for one year, he’ll bring her back home.

At first, surviving the year feels impossible. Middle school is nothing like the wilderness, and she doesn’t connect with anyone . . . until she befriends a crow living behind her school. And if this wild creature has made a life for itself in the suburbs, then, just maybe, Rigel can too.

365 Days to Alaska is a wise and funny debut novel about finding beauty, hope, and connection in the world no matter where you are–even Connecticut.

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“Rigel herself–homesick for her old life, uncertain (and ambivalent) about how to navigate this new one–is sure to resonate with young, housebound readers. A likable, timely debut.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Carr’s heartfelt debut features classic middle-school problems, like dodging mean kids, as well as Rigel’s vivid feelings of displacement and deep love for nature . . . The ending is hopeful at all angles, satisfyingly wrapping up each little plot point.” —Booklist

“Rigel is a fun character; she has a lot in common with average tweens trying to find their place in the world, but her experiences in Alaska may be an informative peek into different lifestyles. The story shows how a strong family structure and the willingness to ask for help can be keys to success; the book also depicts the school library as a sanctuary for students . . . This charming novel is recommended for realistic fiction fans . . .” —School Library Journal

“Rigel is a sympathetic fish out of water, and the book is perceptively descriptive of her Alaskan life, the new changes that confuse her, and the difficulty of adjusting when it feels like it means losing part of your identity. . . This is a solid middle grades story with an unusual hook, and kids who have made their own adjustments will relate to Rigel.” —Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“365 Days to Alaska is an engaging middle-grade debut with a strong, memorable female protagonist. This is one of those books that feels timeless, heartfelt, and inspiring. If you enjoy realistic fiction that feels true to life, with feel-good family dynamics, including sisterhood, sweet grandparent relations and healthy middle-school friendships, this is an excellent choice. Again, I can’t reiterate enough how useful it will be for kids whose parents are separating or divorcing as well as those who enjoy middle-grade books about animals. Highly recommend!” Afoma Umesi, Reading Middle Grade

“This [book] had a really good blend of realistic problems and unusual circumstances. I liked that Rigel wasn’t happy about the things going on in her life, but made a plan to get through them . . . This is an impressive debut novel, and I will be VERY interested to see what else Ms. Carr writes.” —Ms. Yingling Reads

“We’re all learning to adapt these days, and Rigel’s story underscores how difficult – and rewarding – navigating change can be. Hers is a story that will resonate with middle graders in any situation. Rigel is a character readers will not only understand but root for.” —Cracking the Cover

Awards & Lists

Junior Library Guild Selection

Bank Street Best Children’s Books of the Year 2021

CCBC Choices 2022

Colby Sharp’s Awesome 2021 Books

A Mighty Girl’s 2021 Books of the Year

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William Allen White Children’s Book Award nominee 2023-24

South Carolina Junior Book Award nominee 2023-24

Iowa Children’s Choice Award nominee 2023-24

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